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KMEA is an 8(a) and SDVOSB company and though a small business, has large business resources and experience. Experience makes KMEA a low risk choice for project success. KMEA has teamed with Amec Foster Wheeler to provide the utmost in technical abilities and services to the Seaport E program. This team gives the Navy a broad base of services by companies that have worked together on projects for more than eight years with long track records of customer satisfaction. KMEA has been in business for over 19 years providing business, energy and technical services to government and commercial customers.


KMEA personnel are highly trained and certified, providing our clients with the management effectiveness and technical expertise that inspires confidence. In addition to our full time staff, we maintain a reserve of contracted technical associates with specialized capabilities to augment our staff to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our experts provide convenient and flexible management services and professional technical expertise for clients to augment their in-house capabilities.


KMEA has a tested and proven track record. We provide clients with the services and expertise required to enable them to successfully fulfill their missions. Our experience spans a broad spectrum of federal government agency operations, with projects throughout multi-state areas. Our ability to coordinate projects among multiple management levels and major military commands enabled KMEA to provide consulting services to alternative energy wind farm developers in locating major wind projects on or near military installations.


KMEA’S Quality System meets the requirements of ISO 9001, but KMEA is not a ISO certified company.


KMEA has played key roles in the management of network build-out for several major public safety, PCS and cellular telecommunications systems in approximately 30 states. KMEA’s ability to fast start projects, staffing the project at every level from clerk to project manager and getting the project underway quickly and efficiently was critical to KMEA’s success. Our business management support of projects with the GSA resulted in numerous emails and letters from GSA federal agency clients complimenting KMEA personnel’s professionalism and dedication to their projects. Our current clients have diverse needs for disparate operations within the Federal Government, Alternative Energy and other Commercial sectors of the economy. KMEA has extensive experience with the Navy, USCG, CBP and DHS on environmental, engineering and other programs.


KMEA and Amec Foster Wheeler provided services are shown below:


Business management services

     • Architecture coordination

     • Asset management & control

     • Budgeting & cost control

     • Cash flow projections

     • Configuration management

     • Contract management

     • Data management

     • Design management

     • Engineering management

     • Installation

     • Material control

     • Planning & scheduling

     • Process & procedure development

     • Project management

     • Proposal evaluation

     • Purchasing

     • Quality assurance

     • Specification development

     • Subcontract management

     • Task supervision

     • Technical studies

     • Test & evaluation

     • Value engineering


Building management services

     • Facilities consulting services

     • Architecture coordination

     • Audits

     • Coordination

     • Design management

     • Documentation

     • Engineering management

     • Installation of equipment

     • Evaluations

     • Facilitation

     • Inspections

     • Maintenance & management solutions

     • Planning

     • Program planning

     • Reports

     • Scenarios of alternatives

     • Studies, analyses (including cost)

     • Building commissioning

     • LEED® AP on staff


Energy management services

     • Perform energy audits to benchmark your building

     • Provide multiple energy options for reducing consumption levels

     • Provide ROI and other payback strategies for implementation of options

     • Provide program management services to implement options

     • Re-evaluate the building for successful implementation

     • Energy regulatory support


Engineering & design services

     • A&E design

     • Construction materials testing & inspection

     • Data management

     • Facilities engineering & O&M

     • Geotechnical

     • Industrial engineering & testing

     • Telecommunications

     • Transportation engineering

     • Value engineering/analysis

     • Water, wastewater & stormwater O&M

     • Civil site development

     • Decontamination/decommissioning/demolition

     • Industrial/commercial construction management

     • Nuclear construction management

     • Program management

     • Remedial construction

     • Risk transfer/liability Assumption

     • Telecommunications deployment


Environmental services

     • Air resources

     • Cultural resource management

     • Data management & GIS

     • Environmental assessments, management & compliance

     • Environmental engineering & design

     • Indoor air quality

     • Industrial hygiene/occupational health

     • Mixed waste services

     • Pollution prevention

     • Restoration/remediation

     • Risk assessment & ecology

     • Strategic environmental management

     • Telecommunications

     • Waste management

     • Water resources, water quality & O&M


SUBCONTRACTOR: Amec Foster Wheeler


Amec Foster Wheeler employs over 40,000 people in 50 countries worldwide. Our history in the US goes back over 142 years. Our North America 16,692 staff are in 91 US Offices in 33 States and 57 Offices in Canada, ensuring widespread coverage to customers including the US Navy.


Amec Foster Wheeler will undertake a variety of projects for the US Department of Defense (DoD), utilizing the breadth of our skills across all phases of ship and weapon system life cycle projects. In the following service areas:


     • Research and Development Support

     • Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support

     • Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation and Analysis Support

     • Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

     • Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support

     • Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support

     • System Safety Engineering Support

     • Quality Assurance (QA) Support

     • Logistics Support

     • Supply and Provisioning Support

     • Training Support

     • Program Support

     • Functional and Administrative Support




The Amec Foster Wheeler multi-disciplinary team supports and works directly with clients to help achieve success on their project, no matter the size, complexity, or geographical location. Our staff are experts in master planning through to environmental analysis and permitting, engineering and design, construction, and operations management. Having earned a strong reputation for technical excellence, we are dedicated to the consistent development of industry-leading standards in infrastructure consulting and engineering.


We have a total of 148 offices located within all of the SeaPort-e geographic Zones throughout the entire Area of Responsibility (AOR) of this contract.




Amec Foster Wheeler’s SeaPort-e scope of work areas


Research & Development Support


Amec Foster Wheeler is primarily involved in Architect / Engineer services to site, permit, construct, renovate, and manage research and development (R&D) facilities. In addition we have supported R&D in weapons disposal and heat stress analysis for in-theatre military personnel. We have aided Department of Defense (DoD) clients in the development and testing of safety equipment and direct-measuring instruments, particularly directed at Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).


Engineering, system engineering & process engineering support


Our experience in this area has included support on classified weapons testing and in environmental engineering to support test facility and base related infrastructure. Services have included assessment, engineering, design, permitting, policy, and planning services for a wide variety of military facilities.


Software engineering, development, programming, and network support


In addition to the Vertex™ facilities asset management software and other database tools that Amec Foster Wheeler has developed for existing software platforms, we have extensive experience in software engineering development, programming, and network support.


Reliability, maintainability, and availability (RM&A) support


Amec Foster Wheeler has provided engineering and scientific support to enhance facility-level RM&A, including pre-design, engineering, and Title I/II services for facilities, roadways, and infrastructure.


Human factors, performance, and usability engineering support


Amec Foster Wheeler recognises the importance of applying engineering, scientific, and analytical disciplines to ensure interactive system-designs are safer, more secure and easier to use, reducing the number of accidents, while increasing system integrity, and providing more efficient operations.


Amec Foster Wheeler’s capability includes ergonomic analysis and engineering, in house database and process engineering services, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) evaluations, training, and monitoring.


System safety engineering support


Amec Foster Wheeler has on staff experts in evaluating operating systems and procedures at DoD facilities, providing safety training, auditing, management, and engineering services to reduce risks and improve safety performance. Services include:


     • Engineering analysis and controls through ventilation

     • Evaluating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

     • Evaluating base hazard communication programs

     • Ionising radiation surveys

     • Noise surveys and noise dosimetry

     • Occupational risk assessments

     • Performing ergonomics evaluations

     • Verifying and/or updating chemical inventories

     • Sampling


Quality Assurance (QA) support


Our depth and breadth of experience in providing QA support focuses on construction and renovation of facilities, rather than discrete weapon systems or ships. Services and experience include providing experienced personnel to supplement and/or perform the duties of the Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC). These duties have included:


     • Contractor quality control (CQC) meetings

     • Keep ROICC updated on relevant issues

     • Monitor submittal status log

     • Monitor materials testing

     • Review of CPM schedules

     • Review and observation of safety issues

     • Review contractors payment request


Logistics support


Amec Foster Wheeler’s services include management of inventories and response to large scale needs where response and logistics are key components. Past experience includes facility condition assessments and repair logistics support after hurricanes, HAZMAT supply logistics and recordkeeping, logisticsunit support, and repairs to logistics facilities.


Supply and provisioning support


Amec Foster Wheeler has provided support related to management of supplies and inventory control.


Training support


     • In-service engineering, fleet introduction, installation and checkout support – Amec Foster Wheeler supports renovation and construction of facilities to support new weapons systems and platforms

     • Program support Amec Foster Wheeler has vast experience of program management and support across all the sectors it operates and will use this experience to ensure the exemplary management and delivery of US Navy contracts.

     • Technical training support – Amec Foster Wheeler has provided significant training to DoD and industry through our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and program contracts


Functional and administrative support


     • Clerical and Administrative Support - Our experience includes development and maintenance of administrative databases and filing systems, real property management, annual report preparation and related recordkeeping, permit applications and permit support, and preparation of administrative records and related reports

     • Public Affairs and Multimedia Support – Amec Foster Wheeler has performed and provided public affairs and multi-media support to DoD facilities as a component of program management activities for 25 years. This support has included planning and community right-to-know act (EPCRA), NEPA, IRP, and BRAC  community  relations support, including preparation of materials, web site management, meeting presentations, and other support


Quality Assurance program


Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) procedures are designed to provide reliable results. Using Amec Foster Wheeler’s QA program achieves this.


Our QA manual follows the criteria for quality assurance outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, 10CFR50, Appendix B, and ASME NQA-1. For example, our QA program requires signatures from two parties for all technical recommendations that contain engineering judgement, with one being a certified technical principal of the company.


This contract has an extensive scope of work, requiring attention to different issues. However, the process of achieving quality products and services is the same:


     • Preparing QA project plans – these define the systems and controls we use to communicate program directions to staff and ensure work is consistent, and meets customer requirements

     • Quality control of field activities – to ensure that good decisions are based on quality field data. Examples of tools used include establishing Data Quality Objectives to ensure the 'right' data is collected for the job

     • Review of deliverables – is most effective when starting in the early stages of a project and proceeding throughout the execution of the task order. Study reviews include methodology of analyses, use of data, and documentation.


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