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As a multi-disciplined firm, KMEA can provide practical solutions to complicated land development issues. We have a strong track record of completed projects and return clientele. KMEA is proud of our reputation to respond quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to the demand of the ever-changing regulatory landscape to ensure our clients can successfully complete their projects.

KMEA is a civil engineering, land development, and environmental consulting firm offering a wide variety of land use and development-related consulting services scaled to any project size and every level of the entitlement process. Our team of experts provides cost-effective solutions to often complicated land development issues.

Specifically, KMEA has in-house Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)-accredited professionals who can prepare a Green Building Program Compliance Review in accordance with local requirements.

These reviews assess projects for compliance with Green Building General Requirements and Green Building Point System, provide criteria used to determine compliance with Green Building General Requirements and Points, identify and quantify Green Building Points in the Preliminary and Final Green Building Plan, and suggest possible project modifications. KMEA also takes clients through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification process, from start to finish. We also have the ability, accreditation, and in-house engineering staff to prepare all necessary plans and technical documents with the required regulatory knowledge necessary to permit, construct, and complete even the most complicated site development projects.

Multi-Family Residential
We provide consulting services throughout the housing development process, starting with due diligence phase, providing Phase I site assessments for hazardous materials to pre-construction surveys for biological/cultural resources, continuing with environmental review for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)/National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance. We prepare all necessary engineering plans and documents required for construction and permitting and provide construction monitoring, management, and oversight. KMEA can prepare environmental/engineering documentation for various types of residential developments: mixed-use, single-family communities, affordable housing, apartments, condominiums, and mixed-use developments.

KMEA understands the level of environmental analysis and nuance of commercial development. Pre-construction surveys, CEQA compliance documentation, soil vapor extraction, construction monitoring, and permitting are some of the services we provide developers and municipalities in environmental best practices for commercial developments. Our biological resources team provides pre-construction surveys, while our planning staff reviews commercial projects for CEQA compliance.

KMEA draws across our disciplines to address industrial development such as manufacturing facilities, asphalt plants, dry cleaners, former oil fields and processing facilities, and Superfund sites. Our technical experts provide clients with the specific expertise required for industry-related projects. GHG Verification services and remediation services are just some of the technical areas utilized by our clients in this sector.