We manage environmental liabilities to help businesses grow.

KMEA designs and implements solutions for client advocacy.

Trusted across industry

KMEA’s solution-based service delivers confidence and experience to our clients, partners, and industry professionals.

Environmental Industry Experience


KMEA provides the Energy industry with a broad aray of services and staffing solutions


KMEA provides services for a broad range of educational establishments, schools, colleges, and universities


Facilities management is a key strength for KMEA


KMEA works with numerous municipal and industry power and water providers


Oil & Gas industry experience at KMEA

Oil & Gas

KMEA has in depth Maritime experience


KMEA work with Manufacturing Chemical and Pharmaceutical corporations

Manufacturing, Chemical & Pharmaceutical

KMEA has contracts with Numerous State and Local Governments

State & Local Government

KMEA provides services across the United States Federal Government

Federal Government

Client experience is the heart of engineering solutions

Empathy & Personal Commitment Research & Strategy

Integrating regulatory advocacy merging compliance, mapping and best engineering practices to protecting the interests of our clients

Integrate innovative techniques and regulatory compliance to safeguard our clients’ return on investment

Leverage technology to innovate and become more efficient

KMEA is an award-winning environmental, engineering, and consulting company

KMEA helps businesses with regulatory advocacy and compliance, innovative testing for compliance and the integration of client needs and regulatory requirements. We specialize in stormwater, potable water, ground water, air quality, geology and sustainability in accelerating market pressures.

Sustainability is Key to Survival

Sustainability, Water, Air, Remediation, Energy, Industry Experience

KMEA is an Envision Qualified Company with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

Acceleration fueled by sustainability requires life-cycle cost, impact analysis, and integration into all planning efforts.

Environmental design and compliance innovation should always be paired with rigorous sustainability design.

Compliance built from the start – every time.

"Safety is Job One," are more than just words to us

With zero lost time accidents in more than 20 years, an industry record.

Client Quality Rating

Rated 91% Exceptional/Very Good and 9% Satisfactory for projects from 2008-2020
100% of our Clients would recommend KMEA for future work.

True Partnerships Produce Amazing Results

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We work with our customers as ONE TEAM.

This was an exceptionally large, complex project that your team handled in a highly professional and competent manner. Your demonstrated planning expertise and communication skills helped us successfully meet all of the critical RFP and Contract deadlines and requirements.
Gregory Smith, Director-AT&T

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of service KMEA has demonstrated to us. We will continue to work with & recommend their services to other organizations and departments on our campus and the UC system. We look forward to partnering with KMEA for future professional servicing needs.
Jason Kayne, RPA, FMA, MBA Assistant Director, Building Services

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the work done during the recent renovation of our Reno Office…specifically, Project Manager, David Burks. (He) did an exemplary job…His ability to execute the project , while dealing effectively with the myriad of entities, is a testament of his experience and leadership.
Samantha Hudson, Reno/Sparks Director

KMEA’s service was outstanding with added value and insight to the client.
Erin M. Elder, Senior Consultant

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